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Automation of enterprise business processes and workflow with E1 Evfrat.
With a throughput rate of 30 waybills, 50 invoices, or 100 insurance policies per minute, our robot Cognitive Forms is able to recognize, read, and transmit over 80 types of documents.
From requirements to results: purchase requisitions, sourcing event schedules, tenders, contracts in the modular suite Cognitive Lot.
Integrated solutions for nomenclature systems, directories and classification hierarchies — from statement of objectives to loading of data into your ERP.
Able to read and recognize passports with MRZ and without, driver's licences, images and copies thereof — within only 2 seconds with 99% quality. It works faster with NVIDIA CUBA and can be embedded in any system as a .NET component.
Everything in its place. Documents, power point presentations, video and audio — quick and secure deployment on MS SQL and Oracle in full conformity with the State Standards of archival storage.
Intelligent text recognition system. Program for optical recognition of printed text and its conversion into editable form.

Cognitive Technologies
117312, Russia, Moscow
Pr. 60-letiya Octyabrya, 9, office 709

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Cognitive Technologies
is founded
The system OCR Tiger 1.2 for Dos,
is released;

the best Russian recognition system at the time according to Hewlett-Packard,
it is purchased by the Russian Supreme Soviet
A Roman script version of the font independent recognition system OCR CuneiForm appears
OCR Tiger for DOS is updated to version 1.5
The first Russian business
card recognition system,
Business Card Reader,
is developed
Cognitive's first OEM-contract.
Cognitive's recognition library
is embedded in Corel Draw 3.0,
Canadian Corel Corp.'s popular publishing suite
The U.S. President's Office,
the State Department,
and the CIA procure
licences to use
OCR CuneiForm
OCR Tiger updated to 2.0
OCR CuneiForm is praised by Imagine Magazine
Over 2000 licenses for OCR Tiger 2.0 are sold in 1993
MacTiger 1.0 for Macintosh computers enables recognition of Russian text for the first time ever
OCR CuneiForm - is the best recognition system in France
(confirmed by testing performed by PC Expert magazine) as well as in
Russia (Source: Komp'yuterra №15(46) and Chelovek i Komp'yuter №4(64))
All Hewlett-Packard scanners sold in Russia are now equipped with OCR CuneiForm
The commercial bank Promradtekhbank
procures the first custom-made system
for payment order entry and processing
A large number of banks and investment funds adopt Stock Tiger 1.0, a new product
for the mass processing of securities
CuneiForm finds uses in banks and offices
The State Tax Inspectorate of the
Bashkortostan Republic commissions a system for
the entry and processing of large quantities
of tax declarations to be operated on the Macintosh platform
Cognitive Technologies opens a branch office in France
Immediately upon release, the Russian version of the
OCR system CuneiForm 1.2
takes top positions on the computer market
OCR CuneiForm OCR CuneiForm is awarded the "Editors' choice" prize by PC Expert magazine (France)
All EPSON scanners sold in Russia as well as DOC's Open electronic
document management systems
are now equipped with
CuneiForm OCR
The Russian Academy of Sciences recommends OCR CuneiForm as winner of a recent testing
Cognitive Technologies engages Oracle to coordinate
the development and marketing of its technologies
in the Russian market using Oracle's database management system
Cognitive Technologies partners up with LVS to develop a complex solution for digital
archiving using complementary technologies
The tripartite alliance of Cognitive Technologies, LVS, Oracle, Hewlett-Packard is committed
to joint development and marketing of enterprise automation technologies
Cognitive Technologies is the first
East European company
to be accorded the status of
Oracle Complementary Software Provider
Development of the digital
archive Yevfrat 1.0 is complete
All versions of Inzer's Faxline,
a program for facsimile communication, are henceforth equipped with an OCR CuneiForm recognition module
Business Card Wizard appears, the first
Russian business card recognition system
Cognitive Technologies and IBM
announce the joint project BINES
(United information system for business)
An agreement is announced envisioning the automation of Russian document management and formalizing Cognitive Technologies' joining of IMB's Advanced Software Solution Center, an initiative dedicated to supporting
software solutions and developers
Worldwide sales start of MFP Samsung OFFICE MASTER OML-8630A equipped with Cognitive Cuneiform LE, while the CuneiForm system and Yevfrat digital archive are being embedded in the devices Xerox 3006, Pro-610 (manufactured by Rank Xerox) and scanners HP ScanJet
The first international conference organized by Cognitive Technologies discusses the problems of workflow automation
Cognitive Technologies is training computers to understand Russian
A new initiative in partnership with IBM, development of a Yevfrat digital archive, furthers the automation of Russian document management on the AS/400 platform and Cognitive Technologies' applications
The pen scanner Primax DataPen and the new product Tiger for Primax DataPen enable entry of mixed English-Russian text
New adaptive algorithms subserve the latest, '96, version of OCR CuneiForm
CuneiForm OCR Server is the first
network-based recognition system in Russia
Number of users of the CuneiForm OCR system exceeds 70000
Cognitive Technologies undertakes a project on
processing of large quantities of standard forms
for the newspaper Moskovskiy Komsomolets
The publishing house Zolotoye secheniye calls
OCR CuneiForm most accurate and fastest system
Cognitive News, an electronic publication, is launched
Appearance of the first Russian speaker independent voice recognition system capable of recognizing Russian speech
Yevfrat 97@SOHO is bundled
with Packard Bell computers
Packard Bell NEC signs its first OEM contract
with a Russian software provider
Release of OCR MacTiger 2.5,
a new version of the OCR system for Macintosh
Cognitive Technologies is IBM's best partner
in the AS/400 product line
Cognitive Technologies gains the right
to use the "On Oracle" certificate
Cognitive Technologies' software CuneiForm is bundled with
HP ScanJet 5 scanners
Development of a digital document archive
for the commercial bank Gazprombank
The system CuneiForm 98 Collection enables the storage and search of entered information
New office automation system Yevfrat 97 Client/Server for small and medium enterprises
A digital archive for Nezavisimaya Gazeta
is delivered
Over 1000 visitors attend the third forum "Intelligent Enterprise '97"
Cognitive Technologies opens its
Center for Education
The marketing program Cognitive Solution Provider is launched encompassing the provision of consulting, installation, deployment, adaptation, maintenance and support for complex solutions for document management automation with Yevfrat 97
All Canon multifunctional devices as well as OKI Europe Limited's OKI FAX 4100 and OKI FAX 5200 multifunctional devices sold in Russia are equipped with the Yevfrat and CuneiForm systems, while Hewlett-Packard and NeuHause scanners are equipped with CuneiForm
CuneiForm ММХ Update becomes
the world's first OCR system
for the processor Intel-MMX
A custom-made electronic archive
is delivered to commercial bank Gazprombank
Sales of Hewlett-Packard scanners
equipped with с OCR CuneiForm reach 16000 sets
per month for the first time
R-Style and Diasoft integrate Cognitive Forms, the system for processing large quantities of documents, into their automation systems
The holiday house Bor hosts the first interagency conference on the problem of creating a registry of Russia's population organized by Cognitive Technologies
The first children's conference on computer technologies is held at Malta. The Forth annual conference "Intelligent Enterprise '98" attracts more than 1000 visitors representing 40 companies—the crisis notwithstanding
CuneiForm 98 NeST
is the first Russian system of network-based scanning
Yevfrat is updated to version Yevfrat '99
An electronic document archive is delivered
to the publishing house Izdatel'stvo Standartov
The heads of leading IT-companies meet at a conference, held under the auspices of Cognitive Technologies, to find a way out of the economic crisis
Russia's Sberbank recognizes Cognitive Forms
as the best system for the entering of
large quantities of standard forms
Cognitive Technologies' website is recognized
as best enterprise site in Russia
Cognitive Technologiesis recognized as
the best Russian software developer on the IBM AS/400 platform
Olivetti supplies its Multifunction Devices
to Russia equipped with Yevfrat and CuneiForm, while Cognitive Technologies' software is bundled with the recording and data storage devices HP CD-Writer Plus
Russian banks now can automate entering of payment
orders by introducing a new joint project of Cognitive Technologies
and R-Style Software Lab, namely, the system for automatic entering
of documents Cognitive Forms integrated
with the core banking system RS-Bank
Laminfo recognizes Cognitive Technologies
as one of the 30 most influential companies operating
in the business software market
Yevfrat '99 DeLuxe,
a new version of the office
automation system, is released
WSKA (France) distributes
OCR Cuneiform Direct in Europe
Cognitive Technologies and NeuHaus Distributor
Group unveil their completed solution for
entering and processing large volumes of information,
namely, the scanners Fujitsu and Cognitive Forms,
the system for entering large quantities
of standard forms
The recognition system CuneiForm
is updated to version 2.0
A shareholders registry management system is delivered to Gazprom
Cognitive Forms enables the entering
of large quantities of applications of schoolchildren,
students, and pensioners entitled to discounts
on tickets for the Moscow underground
An electronic archive is created for the Central Scientific
Agricultural Library of the Russian Academy
of Agricultural Sciences
Antalya, Turkey, hosts the first
international conference
"New information technologies
in the management of large enterprises"
organized by Cognitive Technologies
Russia's Ministry of Agriculture
adopts electronic document management
solutions developed by Cognitive Technologies
1,500 visitors attend the 5th international
conference "Intelligent Enterprise '99"
The conference "New information technologies in agriculture"
receives the heads of regional ministries and departments
The magazine Infobiznes (№13-14 dated April 20, 1999)
highlights the fact that the number of downloads of
OCR CuneiForm on Download.com is
twice that of downloads of other popular software
The new, 5xxx, product line of Hewlett-Packard scanners, as well as the new models of HP scanners ScanJet 3400 and ScanJet 4300 are bundled with Cognitive Technologies software, with the recognition module of the CuneiForm OCR-system being embedded in the scanning program HP Precision-Scan
Cognitive Technologies announces release of a new version of its system
Cognitive Forms: Printing of Payment Orders
Cognitive Technologies initiates development
of a distance education system
The Federal Health Insurance Fund gives the highest score to a software suite
for workflow automation at medical institutions developed
with the participation of Cognitive Technologies
Cognitive Technologies and Comtek International are engaged in a joint project: over 75,000 forms put in by visitors of the exposition Comtek 2000 are processed by means of the system Cognitive Forms in two days
An automated system for information processing is delivered
to Central Bank of Russia
Cognitive Technologies comes out with a new solution,
the analytics system ASTARTA
Over 70 representatives from more than 40 organizations attend the conference "Information technologies in business: Internet and Intranet technologies of the 21 century" organized by Cognitive Technologies
An electronic version of Finansovaya Gazeta appears, subserved by the Yevfrat software
The OCR system CuneiForm and the electronic
archive Yevfrat are an integral component
of all Canon scanners of the CanoScan product line
sold in the Baltics and the CIS.
The 6th Annual Conference of IT-developers "Intelligent Enterprise", organized by Cognitive Technologies in association with the Russian Academy of Sciences, takes place in the building
of the Presidium of the RAS
Cognitive Technologies receives the honorary diploma
from the Russian Academy of Sciences for its
"great contribution to the development of domestic information technologies"
Cognitive Technologies sets up an electronic archive for the "golden fund" of the State Historical Museum
The commercial service U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service
gives Cognitive Technologies the title of "leading company"
of the Russian market of "office automation"
The magazine Connect! Mir svyazi awards the analytics system ASTARTA the diploma "Editors' choice"
Cooperation between INTEL and Cognitive Technologies begets Russia's first extensive toolkit for the development of voice recognition systems
Coanitive Technologies software is a component in the Hewlett-Packard scanners of the 7xxx product line
Sibneft harnesses Cognitive Forms, the system for processing large quantities of forms, for its project on capture and automatic processing of shipping orders
Olga Uskova, President of Cognitive Technologies, is invited to the Kremlin to receive a commemorative diploma "for her great contribution to the carrying out of policies aimed at furthering Russia's adoption of IT"
A new version of the Yevfrat document management system is released
Ekonomika i zhizn' magazine recognizes Yevfrat as "best IT-solution" of 2000
Cognitive Technologies President
Olga Uskova joins the directorate of a group charged by the Russian Ministry of Communications to work out policies on fostering the software industry
Cognitive Technologies unveils its new product, the system ST KURS, an integrated information suite implementing the elearning paradigm
Turkey hosts the 3rd annual IT-conference titled "Modern information technologies as the instrument of efficient business," which is organized by Cognitive Technologies. The conference attracts large state-controlled and privately-owned companies.
Cognitive Technologies wins the competition
to "perform R&D for the Pension Fund of Russia required by its project to create an electronic archive of documents used in keeping individual (personalized) records"
Cognitive Technologies receives an honorary diploma from the Russian Ministry of Information and Communications
for "for its great contribution to the development of Russian information technologies"
Cognitive Technologies is approved as general contractor and co-executor of seven initiatives envisaged by the federal program Electronic Russia (2002—2010)
Cognitive Technologies completes the first phase of the project to develop a comprehensive system for monitoring the communications operators which had been commissioned by the Ministry of Information and Communications of Russia
Work completed on an R&D project addressing the issues involved in creating the information system Technolog for MMC Norilsk Nikel: "Building a model of the business processes and an information model describing the system currently in use for analysis of production cycle KPIs"
Cognitive Technologies presents its new solution, the comprehensive electronic and paper form document management suite Cognitive Forms
Cognitive Technologies fits out the Moscow offices of Sberbank of Russia with the system Cognitive Forms: Entering of Payment Orders
Cognitive Technologies releases its new workflow automation system Yevfrat-Workflow
The Ministry of Labor of the Sakha Republic and the Main Directorate of Labor and Social Development of the Government of the Voronezh region become the first users of the Yevfrat-Workflow system
The Directorate of the Russian Supreme Court's Samara region Judicial Department adopts Yevfrat-Workflow
Cognitive Technologies wins two open competitions held by the Pension Fund of Russia: "Pilot project to create an electronic archive of personalized account documents" and "Development and deployment of software and hardware systems for informing persons insured in the state pension insurance system by means of paper forms of information exchange"
Cognitive Technologies President Olga Uskova is elected Co-Chair of the panel "IT and Software for Business Group" formed as part of the Round Table of Russian and EU Industrialists
President of Cognitive Technologies Olga Uskova joins the Advisory Council on Information Technology Policy, a body adjunct to the Communications Ministry
The Samara airline adopts Yevfrat-Workflow
Kommersant-Daily includes Cognitive Technologies CEO Vladimir Arlazarov and President Olga Uskova in its top 100 list of Russian IT-managers
The 4th annual IT-conference "Modern IT—the foundation of an efficient economy" is held successfully in Antalya, Turkey
Completion of the project to develop an electronic document management system for the Presidium of the RAS
Cognitive Technologies releases a new version of its information & analytics system ASTARTA
Cognitive Technologies puts the system ASTARTA into operation at Sotsiomaster, head organization on item №33 of the federal program Electronic Russia
Over 40 organizations adopt Yevfrat-Workflow in its first six months on the market
Bidding in alliance with the Institute of Systems Analysis of the RAS, Cognitive Technologies is pronounced winner of four competitions held is part of the federal program Electronic Russia
Cognitive Technologies develops Cognitive Lot, a software suite for organizing and conducting sourcing events in electronic form
Cognitive Technologies in partnership with the Institute of Systems Analysis of the RAS develops a Concept of the formation of information and marketing centers (IMC), and work starts on the formation of the first few regional IMCs
Cognitive Technologies completes work on a united XML-based data exchange format
Cognitive Technologies
partners up with Rosan Finance to engage in development and implementation of projects involving the use of identification cards
Cognitive Technologies participates in the founding of the Federal Center of Electronic Trade as part of the federal program Electronic Russia, and sets up an electronic public procurement system in Vladimir Oblast
Cognitive Technologies brings out a new version
of its system Yevfrat-Workflow
Cognitive Technologies is engaged in the development of a statistics system for educational institutions ordered by the South District Office of the Moscow City Department of Education
Delivering an order placed by the
Moscow City Government, Cognitive Technologies
develops "NIKA-Museum," a standard solution
for automating museums' operation, which
Russia's major museums proceed to adopt eagerly
Hummingbird Ltd. grants
Cognitive Technologies the status
of strategic partner
Cognitive Technologies patents
its technologies of adaptive text recognition
Cognitive Technologies
unveils its new system
Cognitive Forms: Auto Insurance,
which enables batch processing of
applications for concluding a CMTPL
contract and of car accident notices
Cognitive Technologies sets up
an electronic workflow system at
(the insurance company Sibir)
Cognitive Technologies presents Cognitive Forms: Entering of Payment Documents, the first Russian system capable of automatic processing of all types of banking payment documents in a single stream, which comes out on top in a comparative testing of systems that automate the entering of banking payment documents held by the weekly Ekonomika i zhizn
FlexiDocs, a new recognition
technology for flexible forms,
is developed capable of effectively
processing documents diverging from a standard form
Cognitive Technologies
wins in two categories of a competition sponsored by the Moscow City Government as provider of the best e-commerce solutions
Cognitive Technologies President Olga Uskova heads an adjunct working group of the Information and Communications Ministry charged to develop a concept of a regional adoption of information technologies
Cognitive Technologies is granted license by the FSB to engage in activities and work involving the use of information that has the status of state secret
Completion of an electronic workflow sub-system for the trading operations performed in electronic trade systems
is assigned top position
in a rating of electronic document,
management systems published
by the information agency RBK
ScanifyT is developed, a new technology for automatic processing of identity papers
New products for the banking sector are issued: Cognitive Forms: Cards and Cognitive Forms: Express-Credit
Yevfrat-Workflow: Russian Railways is released, a new industry solution for electronic document management at railway transportation enterprises
A system is introduced that provides technical support for the holding of meetings of the supreme bodies of the CIS at the Executive Committee of the Commonwealth of Independent States
An international web portal is created to facilitate operational interaction between the Russian and Belorussian ministries of emergency situations
The company delivers a project to develop an information & analytics system for the accounting of the housing held on the balance of the Russian Ministry of Emergencies
An electronic document management system is set up at the oil company Balttransnefteprodukt
Work is completed on the system "Statistics of educational institutions"

commissioned by the Education Office of the Southern Administrative District of Moscow

The system Cognitive Forms: Cards is put into operation at the North-West bank of Sberbak of Russia
The company delivers an information & analytics system for the accounting of the properties of the Ministry of Emergencies of the Russian Federation
Work is completed on the development of a system for marketing data gathering and analysis for Canon Inc., which utilizes the CT Forms technologies
The insurance company Ingosstrakh adopts system Cognitive Forms: Auto insurance
The magazine Bol'shoy biznes (Fortune) recognizes Cognitive Technologies as Company №1 in the Russian IT-market
The magazine Expert accords Cognitive Technologies the title of Company №1 in the market of custom-made software
The agency iOne’s research confirms Cognitive Technologies' status of leading Russian company in the software market
The popular Taiwanese digest DigiTimes puts Cognitive Technologies in its Top 30 of the Russian IT-industry
The company delivers the information & analytics system "IAS Housing" to the Russian Ministry of Emergencies
The company initiates an investment project to develop complex personal identification technologies (biometrics)
Cognitive Lot is the winner of a rating of the best electronic trade systems prepared by the National Association of Participants in Electronic Trade
Work is in progress on Cognitive Passport, a new system for stream processing of identification documents
The newly developed program interface Scanify API allows independent developers to design systems for the stream processing of identification documents
Cognitive Forms Bank comes on the market, a new product developed in partnership with the company RIT SERVIS and combining OCR and recognition technologies for bar coding on bank payment documents
Cognitive Technologies wins the competition "Softool: The debut of 2005"
Cognitive Megapolis, a new software product for insurance companies, comes on the market
The company brings out Cognitive Business Kit, a new business process automation solution for SMBs
The company takes out patens on:
— a system that ensures the integrity of bids in public procurement events
— a logistics system for an information and marketing center
— a new technology for updating the databases of the State Population Registry
— a new technology for providing information security
The company opens a branch office in Saint-Petersburg
Cognitive Technologies has 131 regional partners
Cognitive Technologies President Olga Uskova participates in a meeting of the Presidium of Russia's Council of State chaired by Vladimir Putin, which convenes in Nizhny Novgorod to discuss "information and communications technologies in the Russian Federation"
Cognitive Technologies President Olga Uskova becomes President of The National Association for Innovation and Development of Information Technologies (NAIRIT)
Cognitive Technologies President Olga Uskova is elected Chair of the Committee on ICT and technology transfer of Russia's Chamber of Commerce
The magazine Kommersant Den’gi and the agency Rosbizneskonsalting include Cognitive Technologies in a Top 20 list of Russian IT-companies
The Organizing Committee of the National Rating of Public Procurement Transparency recognizes the system Cognitive Lot as one of the most effective tools for enhancing the transparency of procurement operations and automating the conduct of sourcing events, recommending its adoption as the standard information system for government buyers
The company finishes the project to create a system for automated processing of mortgage documentation (borrower profiles and mortgages) for the Agency of House Mortgage Lending (AHML)
ZAO Sistema Elektronnykh Torgov and OAO GUP EKONOMIKA, winners of the competition that had determined operators authorized to conduct electronic auctions for Moscow City, opt for Cognitive Lot as the software basis of their systems
Work is in progress on programs, planned for 2006-2009, to develop a regional system of electronic public procurement for the state and municipal buyers of the Republic of Mordovia
The Mine Action Center, a subdivision of the Russian Ministry of Emergencies, adopts Yevfrat-Workflow
Cognitive Technologies gains five licenses from the FSB allowing it to engage in projects involving state secrets
Work is completed on Cognitive Forms Network, a boxed software product for stream processing of document forms, and also on CogniDocsT, a new ICR technology for multicomponent semi-structured documents
Yevfrat-Workflow is available in new version v.12
New patents are taken out on the following objects:
— an analytics system for the State Population Registry
— a system for identifying the readiness status of text document in a distributed data processing network
— an automated system for managing the routing of text documents in a data processing network
— an automated system for transferring data from the State Population Registry
— an automated system for managing the State Population Registry
The Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology introduces a new specialization "Cognitive technologies"
Cognitive Technologies CEO Vladimir Arlazarov becomes member of the European Academy of Sciences
The magazine Sekret Firmy and the agency iOne (subdivision of the publishing house Kommersant) pronounce Cognitive technologies the best Russian IT-company in the software market
The magazine Kommersant Den'gi and the agency Rosbizneskonsalting (Cnews) include Cognitive Technologies in their Top 20 list of largest Russian IT-companies
International agency IDC announce Cognitive Technologies with its product Yevfrat-Workflow the second largest supplier of electronic document management systems in Russia by sales volume
The magazine Mir PK declares "Yevfrat-Workflow" sales leader among electronic document management systems
The magazine PC magazine declares Cognitive Scanify API and Cognitive Scanify API: Money the most interesting technologies of the year
Information agency Rosbizneskonsalting (Cnews)
confers on Yevfrat-Workflow the title of leader by number
of implemented electronic document management projects in 2006
The world's first open source project
in the field of recognition OCR CuneiForm is announced
A new module called Intelligent Executive Aid is developed for the Yevfrat-Workflow system
A special software package "Quick start" is developed for the system Yevfrat-Workflow
Special image "bundle" algorithms are developed to optimize the creation of electronic archives
Work is completed on the
development of a machine
translation system
The newly developed technology Cognitive Scanify API: FullText enables the simultaneous processing of poor quality black and colored illustrated documents
Cognitive Technologies takes second place in a rating of Russian software developers prepared by publishing house Kommersant and agency iOne
Cognitive Technologies' project of an e-marketplace for the Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works is recognized as "Best IT-project of 2007" for industrial customers
The agency CNews Analytics includes Cognitive Technologies' project Open Source OCR Cuneiform in its Top 10 list of significant events to have occurred in the software market in 2007
The Russian magazine Ogonek pronounces the Yevfrat-Workflow electronic document management system Russia's top hi-tech product
PC Magazine ranks three Cognitive Technologies programs, EDMS Yevfrat-Workflow, text analysis system Cognitive Text Analyzer, and OCR system for Linux CuneiForm, best products on the Russian market in 2008
The project Cognitive OCR Cuneiform is included in a UNESCO collection
The magazine Hard&Soft cites Yevfrat-Workflow in its review of best software products of 2008
The project Open Source OCR Cuneiform is initiated with the granting of free access to CuneiForm's source code
A Draft Concept of Electronic Interaction between the State and Citizens is prepared
EDMS Yevfrat-Workflow is available in version v.14
The company announces completion of the development of the new generation machine translation system Cognitive Translator, of the system for automatic analysis and collation of texts Cognitive Analyzer for Linux, which is a version of the core of OCR system CuneiForm, and also of a version of CT KURS, the first Russian e-learning system to ensure compliance with the latest version of the SCORM standard
A project Cognitive Cars is launched in partnership with the MIPT
Cognitive Technologies founds a Faculty of Cognitive Technologies at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT)
Cognitive Technologies, provider of the Yevfrat-Workflow system, is sales leader in the Russian EDMS market, reports IDC
Cognitive Technologies is the most robust company in the Russian IT-market according to a research of the Institute for the Study of Industrial Markets
CNews Analytics' research shows the Yevfrat system to be the leader of the Russian market of electronic document management systems
The magazine Linux Format accords Cognitive OCR CuneiForm the title of best open source project
A special corporate management system addressing the needs of law enforcement agencies is developed
Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works sees the launching of a project to put into operation a system for automatic processing of all its incoming paper correspondence
Work is finished on an electronic document management system for Russia's Ministry of Internal Affairs
A system for the automatic entry of rulings to impose an administrative penalty is developed for the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Altai Republic
United Electronic Market Place (UEMP), designed by Cognitive Technologies, becomes one of the five marketplaces to gain the state accreditation allowing the holding of electronic auctions for purposes of public procurement
Cognitive Technologies once more reaffirms its status as Microsoft Certified Partner
Cognitive Technologies gains the status of Oracle’s authorized business partner
Cognitive Technologies confirms its compliance with the ISO 9001-2000 quality standard
ScanifyAPI is upgraded to version 1.8
A new system, Electronic Procurement Registry, is developed
The Yevfrat-Workflow EDM system is available in version 14.5
A new master data management (MDM) system is developed
The new EDM and business process automation system Yevfrat harnesses the technology of cognitive mapping
The company develops Cognitive PullOutTM, a new technology for searching scanned images
A new CUDA-based technology for accelerating image recognition is developed
The company develops a new cognitive mapping technology
X-NIKA, a component for object-relational mapping in an EDM system, is developed
Yandex buys Cognitive Technologies’ software package which provides text parsing capabilities for identifying and studying statistical patterns in a language (frequencies of words and phrases)
The combining of the advanced technologies of NVIDIA and Cognitive Technologies opens up new opportunities for image processing
United Electronic Market Place of Moscow City (UEMP), whose technological capabilities had been provided by Cognitive Technologies, passes selection by a government commission
Cognitive Passport API 2 comes on the market, the first Russian software able to recognize identity documents with the quality of an industrial instrument, and at the same time one of the world's fastest solutions for recognizing complex documents
Yevfrat, the electronic document management system, presents its new website, which is informed by the motto "Convenience, rich content, simplicity"
Cognitive Technologies advocates adopting the electronic management of forms in a round table on electronic document management organized by the Duma faction of Just Russia Party
Cognitive Technologies participates in the round table
"Electronic document management in Russia: objectives, problems, tasks"
Cognitive Technologies President Olga Uskova meets with the leadership of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dean Rafael Reif, vice President Greg Morgan, and Professor Loran Graham, a historian of science.
Yevfrat AntiXL comes on the market, the first Russian software product designed specially for document accounting
An updated version of the CuneiForm OCR system for Linux goes on sale
A contract management solution supplements the Yevfrat EDM system
Cognitive Technologies issues Cognitive Passport 2.1, a new version of its identity document recognition system
NUST MISA and Cognitive Technologies hold a press conference to present their joint project on "Training students to help them attain high performance in international programming competitions"
Cognitive Passport is integrated into the automated system for issuing new generation passports to Russian citizens
The MISA and Cognitive Technologies team advances to the semifinals of the world programming championship ACM/ICPC
Convened by Cognitive Technologies, a conference on solutions exploiting ORACLE technologies raises the issues of perfecting the management of enterprise resources using ORACLE IT
Oracle and Cognitive Technologies mark the 15th year of their partnership
Cognitive Technologies President Olga Uskova addresses to the President her proposals for improving the current innovation policy at a meeting of the Modernization and Technological Development Commission chaired by Dmitri Medvedev
Cognitive Passport API, the identity document recognition technology, is embedded in a new version of NPO Relvest's ParsecNET 3 integrated security system, while also being integrated with the automated system Blokkhost-ASZP
Cognitive Technologies enters
a Top 5 list of Russia's most
innovative companies
Cognitive Technologies' software solution
Cognitive ScanPack
beats ABBYY and FineReader in a comparative
testing conducted by independent experts from
the Faculty of Engineering Cybernetics of the NUST MISA
The Cognitive ScanPack
software solution subserves ScanElTorg,
a new application for United Electronic Market
Place designed to simplify the
preparation of registration and auction documents
Cognitive Cross DataBasse(CrossDB)
is released, a new technological platform
that enables the design of protected
document-centric systems utilizing
relational databases
Leading companies Panasonic and
Cognitive Technologies enter into
a strategic relationship with a view to
joint development of solutions combining
Panasonic’s hardware platform and
Cognitive Technologies' software know-how
Together with Panasonic Russia
Cognitive Technologies is the
Gold Sponsor of Russian CIO Summit-2011
Cognitive Technologies
penetrates the Asian market with its
innovative platform for business
process automation systems
E1 Yevfrat,
a multifunctional robotic system
for business process automation, goes on sale
Cognitive Technologies delivers the concept
"Smart City Skolkovo" made according
to documentation specifying that
"Smart City is a program which envisages creation
of an urban infrastructure enabling centralized
management and providing security and innovative services"
Olga Uskova, President of the Cognitive Technologies
group of companies, takes part in public hearings addressing the issues involved in the creation of a smart city Skolkovo
Cognitive Technologies holds
a programming competition
President of Cognitive Technologies
Olga Uskova attends "Student science days"
at the NUST MISA
President of Cognitive Technologies Olga Uskova participates in the round table "From an Innovative Idea to Business: Advantages of a Smart City"
Cognitive Technologies enters a Top 20 of largest Russian IT-companies
Compressimo goes on sale, a new user-friendly program for scanning, compressing, and forwarding
documents by email
Software sales double in 2011
Cognitive Technologies participates in CeBIT 2012, the largest international ICT fair and exhibition
Olga Uskova heads the Faculty of Engineering Cybernetics of the NUST MISA