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Automation of enterprise business processes and workflow with E1 Evfrat.
With a throughput rate of 30 waybills, 50 invoices, or 100 insurance policies per minute, our robot Cognitive Forms is able to recognize, read, and transmit over 80 types of documents.
From requirements to results: purchase requisitions, sourcing event schedules, tenders, contracts in the modular suite Cognitive Lot.
Integrated solutions for nomenclature systems, directories and classification hierarchies — from statement of objectives to loading of data into your ERP.
Able to read and recognize passports with MRZ and without, driver's licences, images and copies thereof — within only 2 seconds with 99% quality. It works faster with NVIDIA CUBA and can be embedded in any system as a .NET component.
Everything in its place. Documents, power point presentations, video and audio — quick and secure deployment on MS SQL and Oracle in full conformity with the State Standards of archival storage.
Intelligent text recognition system. Program for optical recognition of printed text and its conversion into editable form.

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Banking and finance




To automate document capture and reduce processing time


Sberbank of Russia


Electronic document management

Technologies and products involved

  • CognitiveForms


The introduction of the system for capturing payment documents made the process of manual entry of documents from 5 to 10 times faster

Projects based on Cognitive Forms enable the export of processed data into virtually any automated information system
Vladimir Arlazarov
Project Manager

Sberbank of Russia

Automation System for Capturing and Processing Payment Documents

About the customer

Sberbank of Russia is the largest bank of the Russian Federation and the CIS. It accounts for more than a quarter of Russia’s banking system (27%) in terms of assets, and for 26% (as of January 1, 2011) in terms of bank capital. Founded in 1841, Sberbank of Russia is a modern full-service bank, which with a wide range of banking services caters for various groups of clients. Sberbank accounts for the largest share of the deposit market and is the primary lender in the Russian economy.

About the project

The system for the entry of payment documents provides capability for the entry of banking documents into the various automated banking systems and electronic document archives.

The system's capabilities include:

  • different document processing modes: page-by-page, package, pseudo-package;
  • special modes for adaptive scanning of original documents with pale printing or boldface type;
  • the user’s optional connecting of various dictionaries and logical tests;
  • the user’s management of standard contextual spelling;
  • export in various formats including dbf, dsf, r-maket, txt, ODBC, Yevfrat, xml, etc.;
  • integration with ABS Diasoft, RS-Bank, etc.

Fig. Examples of the documents involved

The results achieved

Adoption of the system for capturing payment documents renders the process of manual entry of documents 5-10 times faster, thus purchasing a multiple increase in the amount of information a bank's employees can process and reducing the number of errors as compared with the number typical of the traditional method of data entry. It is a replicable solution suitable for large, medium-sized, and small banks alike.