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Automation of enterprise business processes and workflow with E1 Evfrat.
With a throughput rate of 30 waybills, 50 invoices, or 100 insurance policies per minute, our robot Cognitive Forms is able to recognize, read, and transmit over 80 types of documents.
From requirements to results: purchase requisitions, sourcing event schedules, tenders, contracts in the modular suite Cognitive Lot.
Integrated solutions for nomenclature systems, directories and classification hierarchies — from statement of objectives to loading of data into your ERP.
Able to read and recognize passports with MRZ and without, driver's licences, images and copies thereof — within only 2 seconds with 99% quality. It works faster with NVIDIA CUBA and can be embedded in any system as a .NET component.
Everything in its place. Documents, power point presentations, video and audio — quick and secure deployment on MS SQL and Oracle in full conformity with the State Standards of archival storage.
Intelligent text recognition system. Program for optical recognition of printed text and its conversion into editable form.

Cognitive Technologies
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Health care




To automate the entry of data from a patient's application form for laboratory testing into an information system


INVITRO Independent Laboratory


Capture and processing of documents

Technologies and products involved

  • Cognitive Forms


A system was delivered capable of capturing and recognizing over 5,000 forms a day and entering their data, such as those on test type and biomaterial type, into the company’s laboratory information system.

Accuracy is essential in laboratory research. We are glad that INVITRO Laboratory entrusted Cognitive Technologies with the automation of their data entry
Vladimir Arlazarov
Project Manager

INVITRO Independent Laboratory

Automation of the Recognition of Forms Containing Hundreds of Fields

About the customer

INVITRO Independent Laboratory has provided services of laboratory diagnostics for over 12 years. It is a major private laboratory in the Russian Federation offering more than 1,000 types of tests. The laboratory examines over 4,500 persons a day, while over 450 medical institutions and more than 4,000 doctors are INVITRO's clients.

About the project

The Laboratory's rapidly expanding network of offices and growing clientele necessitated the automation of the process of entering the data contained in application forms for patients' testing into its information system. In this one had to take account of the circumstance that INVITRO Laboratory's specialization in medical testing implied the vital importance of accuracy in the entry and processing of data. The Cognitive Forms technology was selected for the project. One of the main selection criteria was that a solution had to ensure fast and accurate scanning and recognition of forms containing thousands of fields.

Fig. Examples of the documents involved

The results achieved

The project resulted in the emergence of a system capable of capturing and recognizing over 5,000 forms a day and entering their data, e.g., data on test type and biomaterial type, into the company’s laboratory information system. As part of the project there was created a machine-readable form containing over three hundred fields.